Tips for getting a New Vodafone Phone Number

Your phone is going to be your lifeline whether you consider the personal or professional aspect of your life. This is why every decision related to your phone needs to be weighed and measured as much as possible. If you’ve done your research on various mobile network carriers in the United Kingdom then it is highly likely that you’ve settled on Vodafone as the company from which you’ll be buying your phone. While your decision to get a New Vodafone phone number does put you in a position to have the best possible service and deals, there are a number of other decisions pertaining to your Vodafone phone number that you’ll have to make sooner or later. Here, we’ll try to give you information that will help you make those decisions.

Picking Your New Vodafone Phone Number

Vodafone phone numberOnce you have purchased a phone from Vodafone, you’ll have to option to choose your new Vodafone phone number you want. You can do this by simply calling the Vodafone customer care number and asking them for various options to choose from. You’ll even have the option of picking the last four digits. The reason why you must consider doing this is that remembering your Vodafone phone number will become easier if the digits were selected by you.

There are many different combinations and permutations that are easy to remember. For instance, you can go for the old, tried and tested method of picking doubles, triples, and quadruples. Another method is to pick numbers that are generally easier to remember because of what they symbolise. For instance, numbers like 007 or 747 are easy to remember because of their relation to James Bond and Boeing. You can even choose to go with sequences such as 123, 321, 789, and others in the same range.

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Evaluating Various New Vodafone Phone Number Deals

You’ll also come across various types of Vodafone phone deals when you’re planning to buy the full package. Vodafone phone deals will include everything from the device to the network service subscription. However, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve chosen the right kind of deals if you don’t want to get stuck in a contract that you regret later. There are, essentially, three things you’ll have to evaluate.

The first of these is obviously the device. Your choice of device should depend upon your usage patterns and personal preferences. While you can always choose phones that are in vogue, these will invariably turn out to be much more expensive than other devices that are not in as much demand. This is why it’s recommended to get a new Vodafone phone number by picking a device purely on functional aspects.

The second aspect worth evaluating is the tariffs tied to your account. Tariff plans vary greatly. Some favour texting, some focus on mobile internet, while others focus on calling rates. In order to pick the right tariff plan, you’ll have to evaluate your own requirements before matching them with what plans are available. Finding the right balance of costs is usually recommended if you’re unable to predict your usage patterns.

The third element worth considering is whether you want to sign a contract or not. Contracts may lead to the rates being reduced but they will also see you get tied to the company. Hence, if you plan on switching from Vodafone to another in the future then avoiding contracts may be the way to go.

Assessing Possible Vodafone Upgrades and Their Benefits

Sometimes, you’ll choose one plan or package only to realise that it’s not suitable to your needs. While it is possible that you may want to reduce cost of your package by reducing the extent of services, in the majority of situations, people look for Vodafone upgrades as opposed to downgrades. The company will allow you to improve the service you get on your Vodafone phone number through Vodafone upgrades. There are different types of Vodafone upgrades you can choose from.

The first of these is upgrading your device. At regular intervals, Vodafone makes new phones, tablets, and modems available to their customers. If you wish to benefit from better technology then such Vodafone upgrades will be helpful for you. Another kind of upgrade you can go for is plan upgrade. Similar to devices, Vodafone launches new offers and deals that new customers can benefit from. Sometimes, these deals and offers are made available to older customers as well through Vodafone upgrades.

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Finding the Right Vodafone Phone Insurance

Vodafone phone unlockYour phone is expensive and also at risk of getting lost or stolen, if you’re not careful. However, sometimes, misfortune can strike even the most cautious of people. It is for such situations that Vodafone phone insurance exists. However, as is the case with everything else, you’ll need to be careful of which Vodafone phone insurance you go for as well. Consider.

  1. You’ll most likely be offered an insurance policy for your service as a part of the package you’ve chosen. In the majority of cases, it’s better to avoid going for such policies because they tend to have the highest premiums in the market. Its, instead, better to scour the market for independent Vodafone phone insurance providers as they can offer much cheaper policies.
  2. Whether while talking to the service provider or an insurance salesperson, you may find an offer for free mobile insurance. Even though there’s nothing to say that all such offers come with riders, it’s true that the majority do have conditions tied to them. One of the most common techniques is to say free mobile insurance, waive off the premium for the first month, and add the same from subsequent months.
  3. Finally, you should consider including your mobile device into your home and contents insurance policy.

Deciding If Vodafone Phone Unlock Services Are Useful

You’re most probably wondering why you should even bother considering unlocking your phone. A Vodafone phone unlock service will allow you to use the device with other service providers. The process, itself, is quite elaborate but it can bring benefits. For instance, by using Vodafone phone unlock services you may be able to find better tariff plans with other service providers, avail promotional offers, be able to use your phone in other countries, and even improve the resale value of your phone.

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