Vodafone Phone Number: Top 5 Reasons for Using Vodafone

Vodafone Contact Number - 0843 515 8644Buying a new mobile for a youngster for the first time or even deciding to change the network provider is not something that happens often. If you are also at such a juncture in your life then it is likely that you are wondering which mobile network provider you should consider switching to after you leave your current mobile company. While there are no clear winners amongst mobile network providers in the United Kingdom because every company has its own strengths and weaknesses, Vodafone is a name that has a good reputation in the market. Thus, here are the top 5 reasons why you should call on the Vodafone phone number and enquire about switching services.

A Rich History and Accomplished Background

The United Kingdom operations of Vodafone are a part of the bigger Vodafone Group. Such is the size of the Vodafone Group that in a list of the world’s largest mobile phone companies, it would easily take the second spot from the top. In the UK, Vodafone ranks third in terms of size after giants EE and O2. The company’s UK market share amounts to around 19.2 million subscribers in the country. The history of Vodafone UK extends way back to 1981 when Racal Vodafone and Millicom came together to create a Joint Venture, Racal Vodafone. By 1985, the first cellular phone call was made in the history of the United Kingdom on a Vodafone phone number.

In 1991, Racal Electronics demerged Racal Telecom which ended up becoming Vodafone Group. Another first that Vodafone is credited with is the fact that the first ever 3G voice call in the United Kingdom was made on a Vodafone phone number as well. Vodafone UK has also won many awards for the quality of its services such as the Best Network by Mobile News and Mobile Awards in 2010 and the National Retailer of the Year by Mobile Retailer in 2005. The rich history of the company shows the amount of experience it has garnered over the years; while the awards it has won show that its services are considered some of the best in the industry. These two factors form the first reason why you should get a Vodafone phone number.

Wide Array of Services to Choose FromVodafone Top 6

Vodafone UK offers all the major mobile services in the country including the latest technologies and capabilities. Broadly speaking, its services can be broken down into two categories which are Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. Within the Pay Monthly category, Vodafone UK offers monthly plans of various types with and without phones, sim only deals, and packages for tablets and dongles along with promotional offers and discounts at various intervals. The same types of packages, deals, and offers are also available within the Pay As You Go category.

Vodafone UK is usually also one of the first adopters of new technology in the country as is evident with the fact that they are offering state of the art 4G technology to their customers. Vodafone UK offers a wide array of services and technologies to its customers, which means that, regardless of how choosy or selective you might be, you are bound to find a deal or package that suits your specific needs and requirements. All you have to do is talk to their customer care representative by calling the Vodafone phone number.

A Relatively Reliable and High Speed Network

The network services offered by Vodafone UK are considered to be highly reliable. The company has flawless network coverage over the majority of areas in the United Kingdom with the exception of Ireland where Vodafone Ireland operates. While various localised factors may affect the quality of network reception in some locations, in the majority of situations, the signal strength is good enough to not cause many problems for Vodafone UK users. Vodafone also tries to make life easier for its customers by offering online facilities for checking the quality of network in any particular region.

A customer or potential customer can simply open the right page and type in the location and the module shows how good the network is at that location. 2G, 3G, and 4G are all visible with this module. This facility is accompanied by a map system which shows the quality of Vodafone UK network in the country. It is also important to note that in early 2013, Vodafone UK bid and won spectrum for 4G LTE coverage. The company has since been expanding its 4G LTE network coverage to multiple regions of the country. In order to avail their 4G LTE services, you should call on the Vodafone phone number and talk to a company representative.

An Ever Available and Helpful Vodafone Phone Number

Vodafone UK seems to take special pride in catering to its customers in as many ways as possible. This attitude is critical when customers require special support from the company. Fortunately, this translates into the company always being available to its customers via a wide variety of ways. Moreover, this also means that the company values transparency and authenticity when it comes to dealing with complaints. There are primarily three ways of contacting Vodafone UK for help. The most obvious and the simplest is to call on the Vodafone phone number and speak to a member of their support team, the second method is to use the live chat facility they have available on their website and the third is to post a letter to them.

A Better Complaints Track Record than Most Competitors

One of the best reasons for using the services of Vodafone UK is the fact that, within the mobile network industry, it is one of the least complained about companies, as per Ofcom. In fact, in the last six quarters, complaints made to Ofcom against the company have dropped in number because most Vodafone complaints are being handled by the company when customers call the Vodafone phone number. Effectively, in the third quarter of 2013, there were only 0.05 Vodafone complaints per 1,000 customers against an industry average of 0.07 complaints per 1,000 customers. The responsible attitude of the company when it receives complaints on the Vodafone phone number is a clear sign that it values its customers.

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