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Vodafone is one of the leading mobile telecommunication networks in the UK offering competitive deals to both its Vodafone Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers. Here at Vodafone Contact Number we have put together some useful information on the various contracts that may take your fancy.

Please bear in mind we are in no way affiliated with Vodafone and for up-to-date information please visit the official website or speak to a Customer Services agent on 0843 515 8644.

Calls to the Vodafone Phone Number are charged at 5p / minute from a BT landline. Please be advised that calls from mobile phones and other providers may be more expensive.

Vodafone Pay Monthly Deals

There is a wide range of Vodafone Pay Monthly Plans for you to choose from providing you with varying amounts of UK minutes, UK texts, and UK internet usage on a variety of Vodafone Phones. There is also flexibility to determine how much you want to spend per month to suit your budget and whether you would like a 12 or 24 month contract. Our Vodafone Pay Monthly Customer Number will provide more information on these deals.

There are currently the following Vodafone Contracts for Vodafone Pay Monthly customers:

  • 100 Plan – 100 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 100 MB of UK data.
  • 300 Plan – 300 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 250 MB of UK data.
  • 600 Plan – 600 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 500 MB of UK data.
  • RED – Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 1 GB of UK data.
  • RED L – Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 2 GB of UK data.
  • RED XL – Unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 4 GB of UK data.

Does Vodafone have 4G?Vodafone 4G Phones | 0843 515 8644

Vodafone was awarded spectrum in the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands for 4G LTE coverage. It is expected to become available around summer 2013 where Vodafone customers will be able to take advantage of the 4G services. If you are unsure whether you will be able to receive 4G you can ask a someone from the Vodafone Customer Service Team on 0843 515 8644 or check against Vodafone’s 4G-Ready Phones.

Cheap Vodafone Phones?

Do you want Vodafone Phones at a cheap price? Well, there are some Vodaphone Phones that are Nearly New that come at a smart price. These have been returned within a period of seven days and have been tested, repackaged and refurbished. You do not have to worry about warranty as you will receive the same as a new one. Contact our Vodafone Pay Monthly Customer Number for more details.

Nearly New Vodafone Pay Monthly

  • Pay less money for a smart new(ish) phone
  • Available whilst stock is available
  • Warrenty still applies like a new phone
  • Contact Vodafone Telephone Number 0843 515 8644 for more information

Vodafone 4G Ready Phones

Vodafone is expecting 4G services to arrive around summer 2013. If you would like to take advantage of ultra-fast Internet as part as soon as it becomes available, you should look into getting a Vodafone 4G phone with a Vodafone Pay Monthly package.

  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Samsung GALAXY S4
  • BlackBerry Z10

Please be aware additional charges apply for Vodafone 4G services and Vodafone Broadband speeds are dependent on network coverage.

For more information get in contact with our Vodafone Phone Number 0843 515 8644 where you will speak to a member on the Vodafone Helpline to help you with any queries you have. The Vodafone Pay Monthly Customer Number is shown above and at the top of the page.

Vodaphone Pay Monthly Broadband

You can receive a variety of Vodafone Broadband packages depending on the Vodafone Pay Monthly plan you go for. There is also the option of having as much internet as you like for 3 months when buying your first smartphone or upgrading to one.

Vodafone Network CoverageVodafone Network Coverage

If you I worried about network coverage you can check your area to ensure that you have a sufficient signal.

Just in case, you can always invest in Vodafone Sure Signal to ensure you receive a good reception regardless of where you’re living, even in the countryside. This also works if you live in a basement flat or a building with thick walls.

Thankyou for visiting Vodafone Contact Number. For any more details on the information we have provided here please phone our Vodafone Support Number on 0843 515 8644.

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